Ammonium Sulphate







Ammonium sulphate is a highly sulphur-containing nitrogen fertilizer. Sulphur, which is part of fertilizer, contributes to the growth of the protein and gluten proportion in wheat and oil content in sunflower, soy and rape. It regulates the growth of vegetative mass, increases the vitality of plants and crop yields. Fertilizer contains 21% of nitrogen in ammonium form and not more than 24% of sulphur in sulphate-ions form. It is weakly hygroscopic, less become caked, well disperses and quickly dissolves in water, can hold the friability and not spread in the air. The physical form of ammonium sulphate is the white or light-colored crystalline powder, sometimes with light yellow and pink tones. It can be applied not only in spring, but in autumn too, because the nitrogen of ammonium sulphate is weakly washed away from soil and well assimilated by plants. It is also used for the extranutrition of the plants.

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